Looking After Your Joints With the Right Supplements

By Chris Smith June 21, 2017

Although you probably don’t give your joints much of a thought in your teens, by the time you..

Supporting a vegan or vegetarian diet during pregnancy

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Opti3 for babies and toddlers

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Omega-3 fatty acids are absolutely essential for your Baby. This starts from conception and it..

The Importance of Vitamin K2 in Joint-Vie

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Migraines linked to Vitamin D deficiency

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If you suffer from migraines, it might be due to a deficiency in Vitamin D according to new..

Resveratrol added to VegVit

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We’re delighted to announce that VegVit now contains 50mg of Resveratrol. It has been introduced..

Phytodroitin™ – Vegan alternative to Chondroitin

By Rachel Hayfield June 7, 2016

Phytodroitin™ is our latest nutritional innovation, in the area of Bone & Joint health.

What is in your fish oil supplement?

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Vitamin D in the news: Vitamin D deficiency linked to heart attack and stroke risk

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Vegan & Vegetarian Supplements

By Chris Smith April 5, 2016

Vegan and Vegetarian diets are inherently incredibly healthy and provide the body with so much..