The Importance of Vitamin K2 in Joint-Vie

Vitamin K2 is quite rightly getting a lot of media attention at the moment, however many people still haven’t heard of it! The research on Vitamin K2 shows numerous benefits to bones, joints and heart health.


“We include Vitamin K2 in Joint-Vie for its benefits to bones and joints.”

Vitamin K2 was discovered back in 1929 as an essential nutrient for blood clotting. In fact the ‘K’ comes from the German ‘Koagulation’ (coagulation).

Vitamin K2 and improving bone health

Vitamin K2 plays a vital role in calcium absorption and metabolism. Calcium is of course the main mineral found in bones. It works by activating the calcium-binding activity of two proteins, which helps to build and maintain bones.

Vitamin K2 and osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a major problem in western countries. It literally means ‘porous bones’, and raises the risk of fractures. Due to Vitamin K2 key role with Calcium, it is believed K2 can offer major benefits in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Vitamin K2 and preventing heart disease

Calcium build-up (calcification) in the arteries is a major factor in the development of heart disease. A key role of Vitamin K2 is to help prevent this deposition of calcium in the arteries. A study (the Rotterdam study) those that subjects with the highest intake of Vitamin K2 were 52% less likely to develop calcification of the arteries, and had a 57% lower risk of dying from heart disease. Incredible!

Vitamin K2 in Joint-Vie

Joint-Vie Advanced Bone & Joint FormulaWe include Vitamin K2 in Joint-Vie for its benefits to bones and joints. Each daily dose (2 tablets) of Joint-Vie provides 37.5mcg of Vitamin K2. While primarily designed for bone and joint health, Joint-Vie is a fantastic supplement for general health, particular for individuals with active lifestyles or those in later life.