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Why Opti3 Isn’t Just For Vegans and Vegetarians



Opti3 is Vegetology’s Omega-3 supplement,a plant-based alternative source of Omega-3 DHA and EPA. It’s easy to see why this supplement is a great choice if you follow a plant-based vegan or vegetarian diet, but Opti3 is actually a great choice for everyone! We caught up with Chris Smith, co-founder of Vegetology, scientist and self-confessed science geek to find out why this is the case.


Chris (1)

Chris Smith



What is Opti3?

Opti3 is a high strength plant-based Omega-3 supplement. It offers a really high daily amount of 500 milligrams Omega-3 in the DHA form, 300 milligrams in the EPA form, and it’s also got a little sprinkling of vitamin D3, making it an ideal alternative to fish oil supplements.

Traditional Omega-3 plant-based sources, such as flaxseed oil, contain the ALA form of Omega-3 that has to converted before it is useful to the body, making it an ineffective form of Omega-3s. Opti3 is different – it has the same forms of Omega-3 and Vitamin D that cod liver oil has, but sourced from plant-based ingredients, so is approved by the Vegan and Vegetarian societies, but is also a great choice for anyone looking for an Omega-3 supplement.


What’s The Omega-3 source in Opti3?

Actually, it’s the same original source – we just cut out the middle man, or in this case fish and go directly to the source. Chris Smith explains:

“Fish don’t create Omega-3, just as humans don’t create Omega-3. It comes from an algae source. Fish have a diet of algae, or big fish have a diet of little fish, and little fish have a diet of algae, and so on. We’ve gone straight to the algae, which normally grows in the Mangrove swamps, which you find in Florida. We have cultivated our own crop of algae in a lab environment, to ensure its quality, purity and lack of any pollutants. It also means we aren’t interfering with the natural ecosystem of the ocean.




And why do we need Omega-3 again?

It’s pretty impossible to chat to Chris Smith about Omega-3 without a deviation into why they are so good for us. Chris is passionate about the benefits of essential fatty acids for the body.

“Omega-3 forms part of your essential fatty acids by definition. The word ‘essential’ is absolutely correct. This supplement absolutely critical for eye development, brain development, heart health. They all require Omega-3. They are the building blocks of the brain. 40% of the grey matter in the brain is made up of Omega-3 in the DHA form. EPA, the other form of active Omega-3, stimulates all of the powerful anti-inflammatory processes in the body. The benefits to us are, well, almost you name it."

“We’re talking about brain development and brain cell regeneration and enhanced cognitive function, behaviour, attentiveness, reducing inflammation… inflammatory processes can be anything from burns, but right through to heart disease and nerve damage. It can improve the mood, focus, attention, decreases things like depression, anxiety, but then right through to joint care and helping the bones, muscles, cartilage, and pregnancy.”


Chris Smith’s passion for Omega-3 and their benefits is what led to Vegetology creating Opti3 – a safe alternative to fish oil supplements. As we have already discovered, traditionally Omega-3 supplements suitable for vegans and vegetarians had only contained Omega-3 from flaxseed oil, which is the ALA form. Opti3 has the DHA and EPA forms of Omega-3 and so is a great choice for everyone.


Why Do Meat Eaters Take Opti3?

More and more people are discovering the benefits of Omega-3 and are deciding to take a supplement to ensure they get enough Omega-3 in their diet. So why are meat eaters considering Opti3 over fish oil supplements? Well, for a number of reasons.


Opti3 – The Taste Factor

Fish oil – whether from taking a supplement or from eating a lot of fish – can repeat on you, giving you fishy after tastes long after taking or eating. This is linked to the proteins in the fish. Opti3 eliminates this problem – the algaes make it purer in that sense and avoid a fishy aftertaste.


Opti3 – The Ethical Choice

Fishing practices concern a lot of people. Chris Smith explains:

“There are so many unsustainable aspects of fishing, to be polite, and not to mention inhumane things about fishing. We get a lot of feedback about that as a reason for people taking Opti3.”

Opti3 is an alternative for those who don’t eat fish or fish products for ethical reasons.



Opti3: Mercury-Free

Even though doctors recommend eating fish, there is guidance around safe limits of oily fish. This is because fish don’t just collect Omega-3 from their diets, they also pick up mercury, heavy metals, and other kind of toxins. This can even include PCBs, dioxins and other really nasty chemicals that sadly are found in our polluted oceans.

But surely the algae is grown in the same waters and so is exposed to the same toxins? In short, the answer is no. We asked Chris to explain why:

“We don’t take the algae from the sea. If the algae was grown in nature, yes, it would be exposed to the same things as fish. The amazing thing is we were able to take that micro-algae and harvest it in a closed environment. When we grow the algae and we extract the oil, the Omega-3 oil, it’s done in a completely closed environment so we know exactly what is going in, and therefore exactly what is coming out.”


Opti3 – Solvent Free

When it comes to extracting the Omega-3 we don’t use any harmful solvents. A common practice in fish oils, and in fact algae oils, is to use solvents like hexine. Hexine does the job of breaking the cell walls to release the goodness but is a harsh chemical and can leave residue. So how is Opti3 different?

“We don’t use any harmful solvents at all. We use food-grade enzymes, so the enzymes literally break open the small cells in the algae to release the oil. We skim the oil away. It’s tested for purity and quality. There’s nothing residual in there. We can say and guarantee it’s contamination-free.”


Opti3 – The Choice of Omega-3 for everyone

Opti3 is anything but just for vegans and vegetarians. It is the choice for everyone – meat eaters can rest assured you are getting as much goodness as you would from a fish oil supplement (if not more, depending on the supplement!) and also avoiding the fishing practices that aren’t ethical. As Chris explained,

“An average bottle of Opti3 would contain the equivalent Omega-3 of about 35 fish, 35 oily fish.”

So by choosing Opti3 you’re making a significant sustainable and planet-conscious choice.


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