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Phytodroitin™ – Vegan alternative to Chondroitin

Phytodroitin™ is our latest nutritional innovation, in the area of Bone & Joint health.

Chondroitin is a mucopolysaccharide composed of a chain of alternating sugars. It is a structural component of cartilage and provides much of its resistance to compression. Chondroitin is obtained from animal origins including shark cartilage.

“Chondroitin is widely recognised for its benefits to Bones & Joints, but is obtained from Shark cartilage. Phytodroitin™ is a 100% plant-source alternative.”

Phytodroitin™ is a plant-origin alternative to chondroitin. We studied the structure of Chondroitin and after extensive research, development and efficacy testing, we have created this 100% non-animal alternative.

Our research: key findings

Joint-VieWe carefully studied the mucopolysaccharide structure of Chondroitin, and explored the significance of its composition including Glucuronic Acid.

We created a 100% natural complex consisting of a fermentation-origin polysaccharide comprised of glucuronic acid and N-acetylglucosamine together with mucopolysaccharide-rich algal extracts.

Joint-Vie is the first Bone & Joint formula based on Phytodroitin™