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Resveratrol added to VegVit

We’re delighted to announce that VegVit now contains 50mg of Resveratrol. It has been introduced as part of the exclusive mixed plant superfood complex within VegVit in place of Ginseng.

Resveratrol, which we obtain from sustainably-produced grapes, is a stilbenoid. This polyphenol is produced naturally by plants and is a powerful antioxidant.

It has been the subject of vast amounts of exciting research in recent years, with reported links to several health benefits including Cardiovascular health, weight loss and general health. Resveratrol is widely recognised for its benefits to the skin. Some exciting research has linked Resveratrol with helping to limit the spread of cancer cells and triggering apoptosis, which is the process of cell death.

Some of the main reported health benefits of Resveratrol:

Cardiovascular health

Resveratrol helps to reduce inflammation and prevents degradation of LDL Cholesterol (‘bad’ cholesterol). It also helps to prevent clots that can lead to heart attack.

Sports performance and weight loss

Resveratrol stimulates sirtuins which control several important bodily functions including fat production and stimulation of mitochondria (the energy centres of cells). Some studies have shown Resveratrol may impact energy production. This in turn makes it an interesting compound for sports performance and weight loss.

Skin Care

Due to its powerful antioxidant properties, Resveratrol is widely used in beauty supplements due to its potential to improve the appearance of the skin and help prevent premature ageing.

About VegVit

VegVit is a multivitamin and mineral supplement absolutely packed with nutrients that benefits everyone including Vegetarians and Vegans.