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The answers to your questions about Omega-3 Fatty Acids

By Chris Smith June 29, 2018


Have you noticed that everyone is talking about Omega-3? We asked scientist and co-founder..

Do Vegans and Vegetarians Really Need Nutritional Supplements?

By Chris Smith June 23, 2018


More people than ever before are choosing to follow a meat-free diet, whether that is as a..

How Omega-3 Can Help With Heart Health

By Chris Smith June 11, 2018

Everyone is talking about Omega-3. They have numerous benefits for the body – in fact..

Why Opti3 Isn’t Just For Vegans and Vegetarians

By Chris Smith June 1, 2018



Opti3 is Vegetology’s Omega-3 supplement,a plant-based alternative source of Omega-3 DHA and..

Opti3 for babies and toddlers

By Rachel Hayfield August 23, 2016

Omega-3 fatty acids are absolutely essential for your Baby. This starts from conception and it..

What is in your fish oil supplement?

By Jamie Eynon May 18, 2016

Millions of people take fish oil supplements to obtain health benefits due to their Omega-3..

Understanding Omega-3: Why EPA & DHA are superior to ALA

By Rachel Hayfield March 29, 2016

When we see ‘Omega-3’ splashed across product labelling we immediately feel good, and rightly..

Overcoming the winter blues with Omega-3 & Vitamin D3

By Chris Smith February 16, 2016

Sitting here in UK and looking out at the wintery conditions, it’s hard to remember the last..