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The answers to your questions about Omega-3 Fatty Acids

By Chris Smith June 29, 2018


Have you noticed that everyone is talking about Omega-3? We asked scientist and co-founder..

Do Vegans and Vegetarians Really Need Nutritional Supplements?

By Chris Smith June 23, 2018


More people than ever before are choosing to follow a meat-free diet, whether that is as a..

Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin D

By Chris Smith June 21, 2018

Did you see in the headlines recently about the health concerns surrounding Vitamin D in the..

How Omega-3 Can Help With Heart Health

By Chris Smith June 11, 2018

Everyone is talking about Omega-3. They have numerous benefits for the body – in fact..

Why Opti3 Isn’t Just For Vegans and Vegetarians

By Chris Smith June 1, 2018



Opti3 is Vegetology’s Omega-3 supplement,a plant-based alternative source of Omega-3 DHA and..