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6 ways to include supplements into your kids’ diet without them noticing!

We understand that children can find larger capsules and tablets difficult to swallow_1

We know that children’s supplements can be a vital addition to your child’s diet to meet their nutritional needs. But we also know that getting your child to take a supplement can be a challenge! A lot of children aren’t keen on swallowing pills and some struggle with the motor skills needed to swallow larger pills. Rather like taking medicine, children can struggle with taking children’s supplements. 


So how do you as a parent get around this?

How can you include supplements into your child’s diet without them noticing?

Or if that’s not possible, how can you make taking children’s supplements more fun?

Here are a few ideas that you might work for your family...

1. Make It Fun

Instead of being a stressful chore, taking a children’s supplement can be turned into a fun exercise with a bit of creativity. Supplements give us essential vitamins and minerals that give our body the fuel it needs to be healthy and active. Why not try making supplement taking time a positive thing in your house? Build up the excitement around getting the super-fuel you need. If your children like superheroes, you could create a superhero who has to take a supplement every day and enjoys certain superpowers as a result, like bashing viruses and destroying bad bacteria.


2. Make it a Family Thing

Some children like to copy what mum and dad are doing. So making ‘taking our supplements’ a family thing can be really helpful. If everyone is taking a supplement at breakfast time, your child is more likely see it as a positive experience and won’t feel singled out.


3. Be Honest

Supplements aren’t sweets and they aren’t a ‘treat’. Be honest about how the supplements taste. From an early age, children have the ability to understand the concept of something being good for us, even if it isn’t the best taste. Explaining that supplements help us to be healthy, just like medicine makes us feel better, is much better than trying to pretend that supplements taste nice when they might not.


4. Teddy Takes Supplements Too

Portrait of child sitting in living room with Teddy bear

Younger children often respond well to being able to give a favourite teddy, doll or toy their supplements first before taking their own. This gives the child some control over the situation and also gives them time to process that they then need to swallow the supplement themselves. This can be a part of the ‘family takes supplements’ concept: first teddy, then child, then mummy. Statements such as “we all take our supplements to be healthy” could be very helpful to reinforce this and make it feel like more of a group effort.


5. Reward Chart

Older children who might not like taking children’s supplements can be motivated by a reward chart. Try making a chart and placing it on the fridge. Every day they take their supplements for good child nutrition, they get a sticker, building up to a small healthy reward at the end of the month. This is another way to make taking children’s supplements a positive activity, for which they can take responsibility and feel a sense of achievement.


6. Disguise The Supplement In Food

If you are struggling with getting your child to take supplements, you may be able to disguise them in food or drink. Make sure you have read the instructions on the supplement first as some supplements aren’t as effective when broken down or ground. Some supplements might also be sensitive to the temperature of the food they are consumed with, so be sure to check the label thoroughly beforehand. Food that can ‘disguise’ vitamins well include smoothies and home-flavoured yoghurt.

Kid with salad and tomato hat on his head, fake hair made of vegetables


How To Make Vegetology Vitamins Easier For Children To Take


When it comes to Vegetology, we understand that children can find larger capsules and tablets difficult to swallow.


We have a full range of vitamins and minerals that will benefit your child’s nutrition. Due to the different nature of each supplement, we have formulated the supplements in a way that will ensure the minerals do not degrade so you and your child will get the purest form of the supplement.



  • Vitashine Vegan Vitamin D3 

Vitashine, our vegan Vitamin D3 supplement, is popular with adults and children. Most of us aren’t getting enough Vitamin D and this is an ideal way to top up our intake of this vital vitamin.

We have a Vitashine spray which is ideal for children and those who don’t like swallowing tablets. You can choose to either spray directly into your child’s mouth or you can spray it onto food to disguise taking the vitamin. The spray has been developed to retain all the Vitamin D3 goodness in this form, without degrading. The spray has no taste, making it easy to consume.

Vitashine 1000iu Spray


Alternatively, the Vitashine tablets are natural sweet-tasting and can be chewed. They are small and easy to take so are a good way to get older children into the habit of taking supplements.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 15.35.59 


  • Opti3 Omega-3 Supplement 

Opti3 is a plant-based Omega-3 supplement that can benefit children and families from birth to throughout life, with Omega-3 DHA and EPA that help with growth and bodily functions. The capsules are quite large: each capsule is 25mm by 8mm.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 15.36.17

We understand that children will struggle to swallow a capsule that size. We find that a lot of parents pierce the capsules and either give the oil inside to the child on a spoon or add it to food or juice to ensure they are getting the supplement. If you choose this method, we advise that you pierce the capsule just before giving it to your child, as the supplement will start to degrade over time outside of the capsule.



  • VegVit

VegVit is a multivitamin with a superfood complex included and is great for supplementing your family diet. VegVit is not recommended to children under 11 due to the size of the tablets: they measure 19mm by 8mm. We are often asked whether you can grind the tablets into food to help give children the nutrition they need. There are some reasons why this can make the supplement less effective.

VegVit tablets are coated. We do this to mask some of the sharp and bitter tasting nutrients in the supplement. We wouldn’t recommend physically grinding up the tablets, as the nutrients are finely balanced and in different formats, which might be disrupted if ground down. As soon as the nutrients are exposed to the air and start to oxidise, it damages the potency.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 15.35.47 

Another solution might be to break the tablets in half (although this can be a challenge in itself!). If you do decide to do this, your child will need to take the supplement within an hour to keep the potency of the ingredients.


Vegetology - Supplements For The Whole Family

Family smiling around a healthy meal in kitchen 

Encouraging your child to take a regular children’s supplement might be a gradual process. Just like us as adults, children need to understand the reason for supplements and how they are a positive benefit to their bodies. We hope our tips will help you to introduce supplements into your family’s nutrition with greater ease and also some fun!  


Why not start with Vitashine spray and Opti3 Omega-3 added to meal times?


For information on all of our products and to buy Vegetology supplements today, visit us here:


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