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What is in your fish oil supplement?

Millions of people take fish oil supplements to obtain health benefits due to their Omega-3 content. There is no question that fish oil does contain beneficial levels of Omega-3s, but firstly is there really as much Omega-3 as claimed, and secondly what else is in there?

Our Opti3 Omega-3 EPA & DHA supplement offers all of the Omega-3 benefits without the need for fish or any other animal source. They are 100% pure with no contaminants and we publish the independent analysis results for every batch.

Fish oil supplements may not contain the claimed levels of Omega-3s Fish oil supplements do contain Omega-3s in the correct, beneficial forms of Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA). However, an article in the New York Times reported that many tested Fish Oil supplements contained on average 14% less EPA and DHA than claimed.

“Some fish oil supplements have been found to contain 14% less Omega-3 than claimed. Opti3 is not only a high strength vegan and vegetarian alternative to Fish oil, we publish the independent Omega-3 test results for every batch.”

Potential toxins and contaminants in fish oil supplements

There is one key reason that Doctors recommend people eat fish, but only a limited amount, and that’s because while fish contains beneficial Omega-3s, it can also contain dangerous toxins and contaminants including Polychlorinated biphenol (PCB), dioxin, mercury and other heavy metals.

“Did you know fish don’t produce Omega-3s? They obtain them through a diet rich in algae? All we’ve done is cut out the middle man/fish.”

Studies (including one in 2013 on 13 over-the-counter fish supplements) have found toxins, including PCBs. This includes products designed for children’s consumption!

So what is the solution?

Simple, Opti3.

fish oil supplementOpti3 is an omega-3 supplement that contains high doses of EPA and DHA (the same forms found in fish oil) but from a 100% vegetal source, algae. Microalgae to be specific. Did you know fish don’t produce Omega-3s? They obtain them through a diet rich in algae? All we’ve done is cut out the middle man/fish.

What’s more, we don’t obtain our microalgae from the ocean, they are grown in closed vessels at a specialist Pharmaceutical quality manufacturing facility. This allows us to ensure 100% purity. Absolutely no chance for any toxins or contaminants such as PCBs or heavy metals.